Commercial-Mixed Use: Skillman Village Master Plan, Skillman, New Jersey

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Project Type:

Mixed-Use, Commercial, Office, Residential, Educational, Municipal, Recreational, Hospitality, Parking, Preservation, Planning

Owner: Township of Montgomery

Services Provided: Planning

Project Size: 253 Acres

Urban Master Planning

HACBM performed this community-based planning project to develop ideas, concept designs, and an overall vision to guide the future development of a 250-acre state-owned historic site, formerly the New Jersey Home for Epileptics (subsequently known as Skillman Village).

The parcel, located in the center of the township, contains 160 structures as well as extensive open space fronting on a major stream, and has significant potential for development and impact on the future of the town. Montgomery Township hired HACBM to help the community to develop ideas, mold them into a coherent vision for the future use of the property, and establish the guidelines for the future design of the space.

The final plan included recommendations for locating housing, commercial, educational, cultural, municipal, recreational, and open-space facilities to be developed. This plan formed the basis for the guideline redevelopment planning document which was honored by the Somerset County Planning Board for Excellence In Planning in 2005