Cultural Development: Makkah Cultural Area Master Plan, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Project Type:

Urban Design

Services Provided: Urban Master Planning, Cultural Resource Inventory, Urban Design

Project Size: 395 Acres

Urban Master Planning

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia funded this project, designed to develop an urban identity for the Holy City, which is rich in buildings and sites of vast religious and historical significance to the Islamic faith and serves as a focal point for the Muslim world. The two-fold purpose of the project was to preserve significant historical, religious, and cultural sites and buildings, simultaneously creating a physical framework for planned development at the regional and city levels.

A review of all buildings, sites, and landscapes in the region identified twenty-two places of cultural significance. These were grouped into four urban cultural areas. The resulting comprehensive Cultural Area Development Plan encompassed an urban design concept, urban design guidelines, and development control measures for the entire Makkah region.